coffeeWinston Small embarked on his path towards making connections in November 2000 with the creation of his pioneering website, a site that would connect Jamaicans living abroad with those living at home. This was long before the “Social Media/Network” buzz and soon proved to be visionary as a lot of interest was generated. The website connected Jamaicans from the top three communities to which over 90% of Jamaicans belong: Schools, Churches and Businesses. Soon enough, and were conceived out of the original idea, to focus on religious and business communities respectively, leaving for school communities.

Ultimately, Winston’s vision extended to the Caribbean at large from which The Caribbean Network ( was born. Now, as a subsidiary member of/and in conjunction with The Hands-on Network, The Caribbean Network works to provide media, web and marketing services to Caribbean businesses, professionals and churches. At present, The Network secures the information of its members in its every expanding database. Through the network, members are able to access/receive information and promotions from each other – an invaluable service to businesses and organizations.

The members’ information is tightly secured, email lists are not sold nor are member’s email addresses displayed on the web sites. All the marketing services offered take place within a secured system.

The Caribbean Network is alive and growing and welcomes new members every day as it strives to fulfill the Mission and Objectives to connect the Caribbean community members to each other, and to the world.

Mission and Objectives

Mission: To use technology to help advance the development of our people, businesses and minds.

Core objectives:

  1. Connecting Caribbean People
  2. To provide web, media and marketing services to businesses, churches and professionals
  3. To market Caribbean products and services to the world
  4. Use the latest technology to sell the Caribbean as “the tourist destination”

These may be very ambitious objectives and one person will not be able to accomplish them all. What we need is a community of people to contribute.

“What I have done is to use my twenty years plus experience in the IT industry to create the framework for it to happen; one school, one church and one business at a time, and we will get there. There is a known number of schools, churches and businesses, so one day, we WILL accomplish this goal…” – Winston Small

Winston Small has over 20 years experience in the computer industry specializing in software development. For the last 10 years his focus has been web development. He is a very experienced WordPress developer in themes, plugins and shortcodes and is also very experienced in MySQL database development. Mr. Small has invaluable experience in web application development, media management, Internet software management and internet services.